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Orientation course for new international degree students and exchange students

Dear new international degree students and exchange students,

Welcome to Åbo Akademi University! The start of your studies will be intensive and filled with information. First-year students and exchange students start their studies with an orientation course. During the orientation course, information is given on most of the matters a student needs to know in order to get started with his/her studies. The orientation course is also where you meet your fellow students as well as get acquainted with the study environment and the city together with your tutors. 🙂

An orientation course will be organised for international students during week 35, (30 August- 3 September 2021) and it will be held online via zoom (some programs parts if restrictions allows will take place live). The official Arrival Day for international students is Monday 30th August 2021.

The programme for master’s and exchange will be organised completely online due to the current Covid-19 regulations, which in many cases include quarantine.The programme can be followed even if you have not yet activated your ÅAU username. Extra curricular activities will be organised a couple of weeks after, provided Covid-19 regulations allow it. More information will be available later.

The orientation week programme consists of:

  • watching previously recorded sessions and discussing them with each other
  • following interactive webinars where you can ask questions in the chat
  • watching live-streamed session

2 weeks after arrival day (provided Covid-19 regulations allow it):

  • walks around the campus with the tutors
  • walks around the city with the tutors

More information on restrictions at Åbo Akademi University due to the pandemic can be found here.

The final programme:

The final programme and pre-recorded sessions for August 2021 is updated and you find all information here.
You’ll find the pre-recorded sessions in the list to the right of this page as well as in the links in the programme below.
Some of the live-streamed sessions will also be recorded and publish with the pre-recorded sessions.

In the program you will find the links to each session. Make sure to read it properly and follow the given guidance. If you have questions contact your coordinators.

Please note that the sessions in the programme are colour marked:

  • black: both degree and exchange students
  • purple: degree students only
  • blue: exchange students only

Please also note that the times given in the programme are local (Helsinki time, GMT+3).

Week programme:

Åbo campus:

Orientation programme for degree and exchange students ÅBO – week view

Vasa campus:

Orientation programme for degree and exchange students VASA – week view  

Updated 17.9.2021