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International exchange student tutors

International exchange student tutors


Go here to find all information about the orientation week and mandatory videos:

Orientation week January 2023!

The orientation programme is mandatory for all incoming exchange students at Åbo Akademi University. Students arriving late cannot be guaranteed the same service.

The orientation programme gives you useful information about the university, your studies, student services, as well as some cultural insights. During the orientation course you will also register at the university, register for courses, meet the tutors and all the other exchange students.

When is it?

The orientation programme during the autumn semester is always week 35. 

The orientation programme during the spring semester is always the first week of January.


Academic year 2022-2023

The orientation programme for incoming exchange students for the Autumn 2022 semester AND the Full Academic year will be 29.08.2022 – 02.09.2022. 

The orientation programme for incoming exchange students for the Spring 2023 semester will be 02.01.2023- 06.01.2023.


International exchange student tutors spring 2023

All exchange students will have a student tutor, a fellow student at Åbo Akademi University, to help with practical matters when settling in and as a contact during the exchange period. The tutors will usually be in contact with incoming exchange students 3-4 weeks before arrival (if you have given us permission to share your contact details) or you will meet your tutor during the orientation programme.

The tutors work on a voluntary basis and have been trained for their task. Each tutor leads a group of 3-6 exchange students, and the group meets often at the beginning of the semester and at regular intervals during the stay. The assistance of a fellow student is invaluable in particular at the beginning of the study period.

The tutors will receive a list of which exchange students they will tutor and contact you.

Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology 
Kajsa Björkman Tutor greeting
Maryam Lashgarian
Stefan Grünwald Tutor greeting
Kaushalya Ramanayake Mudiyanselage
Faculty of Science and Engeneering
Amelia Yolanda
Carlos Pichardo Vicencio
Emma Gustafsson Tutor greeting
Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics Tutor greeting 
Tessa Laine
Wendela Rönnlund  
Lotta Selänniemi
Rebekka Forsberg
Faculty of Education and Welfare studies Tutor greeting 
Sini Eriksson
Otto Baltscheffsky


Updated 1.12.2022