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International Master Student Tutors

As a new student you will have tutors to help you with the adjustment to the studies and student life and to get to know your way around the campus and the city. They will help you get settled in and may help you with practical matters, such as, opening a Finnish bank account, getting registered for courses etc.

The student tutors within the International Master’s degree programmes 2023-2024 at Åbo Akademi University are:


  Greeting from the tutors
Head tutor Claudia Lorca
MDP in Advanced Practice Nursing Eyram Kodzi
MDP in Information Technology Vida Shokati
MDP in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research Franklin Etarh
MDP in Teaching and learning Lovis Simon

Bengü Yatgin

MDP in Biomedical Imaging Harshaka Kaushalya Priyasad Ramanayake Mudiyanselage

Hira Javed

Greetings from the tutor
MDP in Engineering of Data-intensive Intelligent Software Systems (EDISS) Ikram Ul Haq
MDP in Governance of Digitalization Jessica Blackburn
MDP in Information Technology, INSA, NISS, ESIGELEC  Md Shariful Islam

Jishnu Sen

MDP in International Human Rights Law Erika Barboza

Vitória Dell’Aringa Rocha

MDP in Social Exclusion Oona Särmä
MDP in Sustainable Chemical and Process Engineering Tharika Dilhari Muthuwa Hannedige
DDP Werbung interkulturell Ellinoora Saarinen


Evelina Salo

Maria Sabashvili

Greeting from Evelina

Greeting from Maria



New international master’s degree students who are not studying within an international Master’s degree programme: you can get support from the student tutor within your main subject, who is acting as a tutor for the domestic students. These tutors can be found on the Orientation web site for domestic students (information only in Swedish). Feel free to contact them if you are interested in joining a (domestic) tutor group, or if you wish to get help from a tutor (email adresses created according to: firstname.surname@abo.fi – note that umlauts are removed: å>a; ä->a; ö->o).


Updated 16.5.2023