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Activate your username and student number

Activate your username and student number

See the ICT-service webpage about user account.

When you have activated your ÅAU username, you can log in to the study planning tool peppi and check your study right number. You see your study right number in the study planning tool when you click on Study records or profile. It can be in the form 45217-282-2017 for older study rights, or 1801690 for newer ones. If your student right number is in the older format, you only need to use the first five digits.

A few days after you enroll as present at Åbo Akademi University and pay the union fee, you can activate your student card. The study card can be ordered from frank.fi or you can use the electronic study card FrankApp. For more information about the student card and student card benefits, please visit the Student Union’s webpages.

Updated 29.4.2024