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Activate your username and student number

Activate your username and student number

As a student at Åbo Akademi University you get access to your username and ÅAU email when you have enrolled for the academic year. You use these credentials to log in to the intranet and other platforms ÅAU uses.

New student

Have you been admitted in spring 2023? In that case, you can activate your username from August 7 onwards.


If you are a new student it might take a while before you can activate your username, since the username can be activated only when all necessary systems has gotten the information needed about you and your study right. In the beginning of August, it might take up until a week before activation of the username is possible. If you are a new student and the activation of your username do not work, please wait a couple of days and then try again.

Activate your username

If you have Finnish bank codes, an electronic ID card or a mobile certificate you can activate your username yourself via Selfservice. To use any of these, click on the link in the box titled “Log in using suomi.fi:” on the Selfservice login page.

If you do not have Finnish bank codes, an electronic ID card, a mobile certificate, or the activation does not work contact the Helpdesk.

Phone: 02 215 4777
Email address: helpdesk@abo.fi
Åbo/Turku: ASA building at Fänriksgatan 3 B, ground floor
Vasa/Vaasa: Academill, Strandgatan 2 on floor B3.

Read more about the username and useragreement on the intranet.


As a JOO-student at ÅAU you can activate your username and password first when you have gotten a message from the student register that your JOO study right has been registered. A message from the application system about the approval of your JOO-application does not mean that your username can be activated.

If you previously have had a JOO study right and your username does not work, please make sure that your JOO study right still has study time available and that you are enrolled as present at ÅAU. You can contact the Student Service desk on studinfo@abo.fi for help with enrollment and questions about your study time.

Your username is active as long as you are enrolled as either present or absent for the academic year. The username is deactivated for all students that are not enrolled, the deactivation takes place on 1 October and 1 February each academic year.

If your username is deactivated and you get enrolled again, your username will be reactivated automatically a couple of days after your enrollment is registered. You will need to change your password in Selfservice before you can use your username again.

If you cannot log in to Selfservice with Finnish bank codes, an electronic ID card or a mobile certificate or you want to keep your previous password, please be in contact with helpdesk@abo.fi.

If you have graduated and wish to keep your ÅAU email address active, contact helpdesk@abo.fi

When you have activated your ÅAU username, you can log in to the study planning tool peppi and check your study right number. You see your study right number in the study planning tool when you click on Study records or profile. It can be in the form 45217-282-2017 for older study rights, or 1801690 for newer ones. If your student right number is in the older format, you only need to use the first five digits.

A few days after you enroll as present at Åbo Akademi University and pay the union fee, you can activate your student card. The study card can be ordered from frank.fi or you can use the electronic study card FrankApp. For more information about the student card and student card benefits, please visit the Student Union’s webpages.

Updated 2.6.2023