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Study advisors

Study advisors

Study guidance and counselling is offered by the study advisors at the faculties, both as proactive and reactive guidance. You are always welcome to contact a study advisor for a session. The study advisors offers support in the following areas:

  • individual and preventive guidance
  • planning of studies
  • change of main subject
  • legal protection of students
  • including, compensating and replacing studies
  • limited study time
  • finalising studies and competing the degree
  • questions regarding accessibility
All student also have a teacher tutor who offers support in different forms. You can also always turn to your student tutor with your questions. When you have questions regarding specific courses (content, materials, deadlines), you should be in contact with the teacher of the course.


Contact information for study advisors:

The Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology: fhpt-studieradgivare@abo.fi
The Faculty of Science and Engineering: fnt-studieradgivare@abo.fi
The Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies: fpv-studieradgivare@abo.fi
The Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics, and Law: fsej-studieradgivare@abo.fi

Updated 5.1.2023