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Student Housing in Åbo (Turku) and in Vasa (Vaasa)

Degree students coming to the Åbo campus (Åbo/Turku): please contact the Student Village Foundation (TYS) who provides housing for students in Åbo.

Degree students coming to the Vasa campus (Vasa/Vaasa): please contact Lärkan or the VOAS Student Housing Foundation who provides housing for students in Vasa.

The application for housing has to be made prior to arrival and should be made at least 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the lease agreement. Preferably 3 months before the lease begins.

Universities in Finland are not responsible for the accommodation of students. Students must themselves apply for housing before arrival. Please find some alternatives presented below.


Housing in Åbo

Student housing

The Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS) is an independent foundation that provides housing for students. The monthly rent for these flats varies from approximately 220 EUR to 450 EUR. The rent includes electricity, water and heat. There are also apartments for families.

It is possible to apply for housing three months before the need for accommodation. The application for housing must be submitted to the housing office no less than six weeks before starting the studies. A copy of the letter of admission to Åbo Akademi University must be faxed to the housing office, see instructions in the online application form.

In the housing application the applicant should indicate if she/he wants a furnished flat. In all flats the tenants have access to a private or shared shower and a toilet, laundry facilities and cooking facilities in a shared kitchen. The flats do not have a telephone or household utensils, curtains, bedding, pillow, towels or carpets. These have to be provided by the students themselves.

More information about the types of flats offered by the Student Village Foundation here. The electronic application form is also available through these pages.

We recommend that you apply for housing immediately after receiving the admission letter.

In order to be able to move in to the flat/room that the foundation is able to offer, the student must confirm the intention to move in and pay the refundable deposit before the lease begins. This usually means that the students must pay the deposit fee via an international money transfer. Please make sure that this fee has been paid in time as the housing offer will otherwise be cancelled. Bring the receipt of payment with you. Please note that this sum is a deposit and cannot be used as a payment for the rent. This amount is refunded to the tenant when giving up the room (provided it is in good condition). The foundation may use the deposit to pay any possible debts or damages to the room.

The Turku Student Village Foundation
Inspektorsgatan 4
FI – 20540 Åbo
Phone: +358 2 275 0200
E-mail: info@tys.fi, www.tys.fi

Note that there is a shortage of housing at the beginning of the autumn term. Therefore, please do not rely on finding a room after arrival; make the arrangements beforehand.

The Student Union of Åbo Akademi University administers accommodation for students in Tavasthem located on the campus of Åbo Akademi University. The minimum time for renting the flats is one year. Please find the contact information below:

Åbo Akademis Studentkår
Tavastgatan 22
FI – 20500 Åbo
+358 2 215 4650

Private market flats

If you do not want a student flat or if you are unable to get housing through the Student Village Foundation, you can rent an apartment elsewhere in Åbo through a housing agent or by for example placing an advertisement in a local paper. You can also check the advertisements in the local newspapers or online. The following websites can be helpful if you know some Finnish:

There are some agencies that specialise in offering temporary accommodation for shorter times. One such service provider is for example Forenom. When using their services, you do not need to make a contract directly with the owner of the apartment but instead Forenom will take care of those issues. You can find out more about their services at http://forenom.fi/en/.

Please note that the demand for private market flats for students is quite high in the beginning of the autumn term.

Housing Anywhere

Sign-up here to receive a Åbo Akademi VIP profile on HousingAnywhere.com: https://housinganywhere.com/Turku–Finland/åbo-akademi/sign-up

As a student, intern, PhD candidate, researcher, or visiting professors of Åbo Akademi you are entitled to priority access to all accommodation available on HousingAnywhere.com. The platform allows you to choose from rooms listed by local students or verified landlords and securely book prior to your arrival.

For more information, check the local guide on living in Turku here: https://housinganywhere.com/Turku–Finland.

Keep in mind: The housing market in Turku is very seasonal. So if you don’t find a room listed right away check back regularly.


Housing in Vasa

There are several options when looking for accommodation in Vasa. Lärkan offers student apartments 1.2 km from the university, close to the railway station and the city centre. Fill in your housing application online at http://studiebostader.fi/.

Please note that the demand for private market flats for students is quite high in the beginning of the autumn term.

VOAS, the Student Housing Foundation in Vasa, offers another option for students in Vasa. You can apply for housing online at: http://www.voas.fi/.

It is also possible to rent an apartment on the open market; see e.g. www.oikotie.fi and www.vuokraovi.com (information mainly in Finnish). This can in many cases become more expensive than student accommodation.

Note that there is a shortage in housing at the beginning of the autumn term. Therefore, please do not rely on finding a room after arrival; make the arrangements beforehand.

Updated 14.2.2022