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Sustainable resilience policies

Sustainable resilience policies




Åbo Akademi


  • Tammerfors universitet
  • Stockholms universitet
  • Högskolan Kristianstad
  • Nord universitet
  • Finansiär

  • Åbo stad
  • Budget

    125 000 euro

    This project investigates how local governments can increase sustainability of their resilience policies through Smart City projects that are well designed to deliver expected outcomes. I.e. the interest of the project lies in how responsive (flexible) local governments can be in relation to what happens in society and still be efficient, productive, qualitative and sustainable in their outcomes. Focus is on developing and implementing performance measurement/management and control systems that improve accessibility and usefulness of Smart City project information to policies makers and end users seamlessly.

    The project has three stages.

    First, we use a discourse and content analyses to examine the links between smart collaboration among inter-organisational actors at different levels and performance control mechanisms used to ensure value-for-money of specific public services. I.e. what is going at present on and what has been done in the past?

    Second, drawing on a theoretical framework of governmentality, we use a critical comparative approach to investigate various ways through which aligning thoughtful resilience policies to well-designed performance control systems can deliver sustainable solutions to specific public service units. I.e. based on what has been done in both practise and research we create a performance management/measurement and control model (framework.

    Third, we apply and test our smart city resilience and performance control model to the areas of public transportation and social services in the city of Turku and compare the results with the city of Stockholm, as well as other large Finnish city’s. We are therefore directly linking our project to the existing programs “Smart and Wise Turku” and the “6Aika” program.


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