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Novel Predictive Analytics Technologies for Future Maintenance Business

Novel Predictive Analytics Technologies for Future Maintenance Business


  • Business Finland
  • This research project will create added value from Big Data and develop new intelligent and efficient analysis methods to enable new digital business solutions and services. The objective is to develop methods which are able to refine information from the multivariate disparate data and to predict the future behaviour of systems on the basis of this information. Doing this way, we can move from monitoring and evaluating the present state to predict, plan and assess future what-if scenarios and examining complex questions. In the method development, attention is also paid to the connecting of the processes of companies and expert of human knowledge to data analytics which will be an essential position in the development of the future Industrial Internet (IoT). The developed methods will be tested and verified using the data collected from the elevator systems and the test systems of the universities.

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    Jerker Björkqvist

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    datateknik, företrädesvis inbyggda datorsystem


    Fakulteten för naturvetenskaper och teknik
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