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  • In the light of energy transition in marine and off-road segments, the goal of the Clean Propulsion Technologies (CPT) Consortium is to secure the global technology leader position for the Finnish powertrain industry by creating a common vision and sustainable business solutions. This will be accomplished by moving the most promising, innovative (TRL3) powertrain technologies to Readiness Level (TRL) 5-6.

    These developments will secure compliance with emission and GHG regulations in both segments until 2035. In the long term, the goal is achieved by evolving the common technological roadmap for the marine and off-road sectors providing a consolidated plan for how to secure this compliance until 2050.

    The objectives pertain to several impactful innovations: an H2 engine demo, ultra-efficient RCCI combustion with biogas, advanced thermal management and novel catalyst solutions. All of those developments are further grasped into the context of combined combustion-electric-hydraulic operation and supported by state-of-the-art model-based control and power management solutions.

    Åbo Akademi University’s focus in the project is to develop a technology road map and assess the cost benefit associated with the technologies. Åbo Akademi will also develop methods for estimating unknown or uncertain inputs in non-linear systems and use this for developing virtual sensors. Åbo Akademi will further develop and assess optimization methods for model-based design for combustion engines systems.

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