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Heads of Programmes and Subjects at FNT

Heads of Programmes and Subjects at FNT

Heads of Study Programmes

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has five Study Programmes (bachelor’s level) and each programme has a Head of Study Programme.

Biosciences Pia Roos-Mattjus
Chemistry and Process Engineering Mari Nurmi
Information Technology Marina Waldén
Natural Sciences Jan-Henrik Smått
Pharmacy Outi Salo-Ahen


Heads of Master’s Programmes

The persons named here can be in charge of more than one master’s programme within the subject field.

Biomedical Imaging Diana Toivola
Biosciences (Biochemistry, Cell Biology) Tiina Salminen
Biosciences (Environmental and Marine Biology) Markus Öst
Chemistry Patrik Eklund
Chemistry and Process Engineering Anders Brink
Drug Development and Medical Technology Outi Salo-Ahen
Geology Olav Eklund
Information Technology Marina Waldén
Mathematics Mikael Lindström
Pharmacy Anne Filppula
Physics Ronald Österbacka
Sustainable Chemical and Process Engineering Anders Brink


Heads of Subjects and Subject Clusters and Heads of Laboratories

There are nine subjects and subject clusters at the faculty and six laboratories belonging to the subject clusters Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Process and Energy Technology respectively.

Biochemistry and Cell Biology Annika Meinander
Chemistry and Chemical Technology Johan Bobacka
– Laboratory of Molecular Science and Engineering Leena Hupa
– Laboratoriy of Natural Materials Technology Martti Toivakka
Environmental and Marine Biology Christoffer Boström
Geology Olav Eklund
Information Technology Ivan Porres Paltor
Mathematics Mikael Lindström
Pharmacy Jessica Rosenholm
Physics Ronald Österbacka
Process and Energy Technology Henrik Saxén
– Laboratory of Energy Technology Margareta Björklund-Sänkiaho
– Laboratory of Industrial Management Kim Wikström
– Laboratory of Process and Systems Engineering Anders Brink
– Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering Dmitry Murzin




Updated 15.9.2021