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Major subject – Pharmacy

The use of pharmaceuticals affects everyone at both the individual and societal level. Pharmacy deals with how pharmaceuticals are developed, manufactured and used as well as how they affect us. During your studies, you will delve into various themes on pharmacy, including the chemistry of pharmaceuticals and excipients, the manufacture and development of pharmaceuticals, biomedical pharmacy, biosciences, pharmaceutical treatment and social pharmacy. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of fascinating aspects of the field such as pharmaceutical properties, mechanisms of action and effects, manufacturing processes in the pharmaceuticals industry, nutrition and pathology, toxicology, therapies and biogenic medicines.

Studies in Pharmacy lead to a Pharmacist degree, which will open the door for a career in the field. Pharmacy studies also provide a natural scientific basis for students who want to continue their studies in our Master’s degree programme (Pharmaceutical Development and Medical Technology) or those who seek training as a Licensed Pharmacist. During subject studies, you will also build your career identity as a pharmacist. This will be further enhanced during your six-month practice period, where you will be able to practically apply your theoretical knowledge at a pharmacy or hospital pharmacy.  Elective courses allow you to further specialise within science, economics, communications or psychology. You can also choose other courses from the entire course offering of Åbo Akademi University to support your career as a pharmacist.



The focal point in pharmaceutical research at Åbo Akademi University is  drug design and development. Much of the research is centred around pharmaceutical technology and focuses on various areas within pharmaceutical development as well as new manufacturing and formulation technologies. 3D printing, microfluidics and nanotechnology for drug delivery and diagnostics (nanomedicine) are some of the areas on which research is focused.

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