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Apply to the bachelor level

In the national joint application in studyinfo.fi you can apply to studies leading to a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

Applicants to the undergraduate level apply to

  • a 5-year degree programme with the right to complete a 3-year Bachelor’s degree and a 2-year Master’s degree or
  • a 3-year degree programme if this is the highest degree offered at Åbo Akademi University

Who can apply?

All undergraduate (bachelor level) programmes at Åbo Akademi University are taught in Swedish. Please note that all programmes on the bachelor level at Åbo Akademi University require good knowledge of Swedish langauge prior to admission.

In order to be eligible for undergraduate studies an applicant must meet both the academic and the language requirements.

If you are eligible for university studies you can apply to Åbo Akademi University. University eligibility means that your prior education gives you the right to apply and enter university studies. Applicants must prove completion of the equivalent to a Finnish secondary school education (12 years of school), or completion of examinations qualifying for entry to a university offering internationally recognised academic degrees.

In general, if a student is eligible for studies at a university in his/her home country, s/he is eligible for university studies in Finland. In order to be able to apply, applicants must meet the requirements of general university eligibility (Lisbon Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education in the European Region, Council of Europe). In addition the departments have requirements concerning special eligibility (särskild behörighet), e.g. prior studies in certain subjects or language requirements. Please see the  presentation for each degree programme for details on further requirements (available only in Swedish).

Applicants are advised to contact  Education Services if they are uncertain of whether or not their educational credentials meet the formal academic requirements.

Some of the places in the joint application round are reserved for first-time applicants. You are a first-time applicant if you

  • have not completed a degree at a Finnish university or university of applied sciences or
  • have not accepted a study entitlement for a higher education degree in Finland in autumn 2014 or later.

For more information about the application process, please see the information available in Swedish.

Updated 8.11.2021