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Major subject – Biochemistry

To be able to develop, for example, new pharmaceuticals, we need to to understand the chemical mechanisms behind biological processes and diseases. Biochemistry studies life on a molecular level, and in your studies you will learn about the structure, fuction and metabolism of biomolecules, and how they interact in living organisms. You will also learn about different biochemical phenomena, for example how nutrients are transformed into energy in the cell, and how the immune system protects us against threats. Studies in biochemistry are also useful within other areas of science, for example cell biology, medicine, genetics, developmental biology, micro biology and environmental science.

The studies in biochemistry consist of advanced courses, in which you can focus on protein structures and functions or lipids and membranes. A special emphasis has been placed on laboratory work in research groups.  Additionally, optional courses allow you to focus on the themes you find interesting. Biochemistry is part of the Scientia Aboensis-collaboration Molecular Cell Biology. The Scientia Aboensis-collaboration allows you to participate in courses offered by the University of Turku as well as Åbo Akademi University. Remember that you can apply to biochemistry without having knowledge of Swedish!


Biochemical research at Åbo Akademi University mainly focuses on structural bioinformatics and modeling of molecular interactions, lipid and membrane biochemistry, lipid transfer protein research and research on cyanobacterial peptide toxins

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Career opportunities

Studies in biochemistry paves the way for work both in industry sector as well as in the academic world. Some of the jobs offered at universities are as researchers, university teachers, professors or as a coordinators. The drug development industry, as well as the biotech- and the food industries hire biochemists for positions within research, product development, quality control, marketing and coordinating. As an expert in biochemistry, you will be able to explore the smallest details toward finding the best solutions. Be part of a groundbreaking field!

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