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Apply to a double degree

Åbo Akademi University has a number of agreements regarding Double degree programmes and Joint programmes.

These agreements enable students within these programmes to study at two universities and graduate from both. Students participating in such a programme take part of the degree at Åbo Akademi University and part of the degree at the partner university. The agreements are programme-specific meaning that in order to take part in the joint or double programme you need to be a student within the programme the agreement is made for. Below please find links to the double degree programmes we currently offer to our students.

Why study in a double degree programme?

  • Double degree programmes make it possible for two or more universities to combine their experties and hence be able to offer a specialization that the universities can not offer on their own.
  • Mobility is always part of a Double degree programme. As a student you gain international experience but you need not worry about finding a suitable university to go on exchange to as the mobility period at the partner university is a natural part of the degree.

Updated 28.11.2023