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Major subject – Physics

Physics is the theoretical and experimental toolbox that helps us to learn about our environment and come up with theories, models and methods based on this knowledge. With this knowledge, we can make new discoveries and develop new applications. Students of Physics will learn about, for example, experimental research, theoretical modelling, the development of technical applications and devising fundamental theories about nature. In your studies, you will gain an overall understanding of physics and its relationship with other scientific fields. The natural laws of physics are found within the theoretical chemistry, biology and Earth sciences, and are formulated using mathematical equations. Key theories in physics include classical mechanics, classical electrodynamics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity.

Students of physics choose either the physicist line or physics teacher line of specialisation. In the physicist line, you will study mathematics as a compulsory short minor, but you will also be relatively free to choose the courses you want. Typical minor subjects include Mathematics and Chemistry along with Computer Engineering, Computer Science and bioscience subjects. In the physics teacher line, you will study Pedagogy and either Mathematics or Chemistry as a long minor subject. The physics teacher line also affords some freedom of choice, particularly with regard to special courses. Other students may also study physics as a minor subject.


Physics at Åbo Akademi University focuses on materials research in paper electronics, future solar cells, functional materials interfacing with biological systems, magnetism and material calculations. Research is conducted as both experimental and theoretical method development as well as using calculation methods and various aspects of modelling. The research is boundary-breaking and conducted in close collaboration with closely related sciences, such as Information Technology, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

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