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Centre for Lifelong Learning

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The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Åbo Akademi University and University of Applied Sciences Novia has always maintained close contact and worked in close co-operation with society at large. Co-operation with various sectors in society is done through comprehensive project activity. At CLL, you will find expertise in productisation, sales and price setting for various target groups as well as project administration and the mobilisation of external funding. Activities are characterised by innovative thinking and flexible approaches to work.

CLL is the largest provider of adult education in all of Swedish Finland. CLL’s clientele includes private persons, authorities, the public sector and businesses. In addition to this, CLL activities are geared toward Åbo Akademi University students through the Language Centre. Feel free to get in touch to discuss co-operation!

Most of our activities take place in Swedish, which means that also most of the information about us is found on our Swedish web pages. The links below takes you to pages that we update also in English.