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Major subject – Geology and Mineralogy

We have only one planet and its resources must be enough for all of us. Students of Geology and Mineralogy will learn  about the Earth as a dynamic, constantly changing system, which first came into being 4,565 million years ago. In your studies, you will learn about processes that help us to understand how our planet works, why it is possible for us to live here and what happens when something disturbs its geological processes. The studies will provide you with an insight into various geological materials (minerals, rocks, sediments and water), the layers of the Earth’s structure and how plate tectonics alters the crust as well as geological development in various regions. Your knowledge and skills in geology can be applied in dealing with the use of our planet’s finite natural resources (e.g. ores, rare metals, pure water, coal and oil), in civil engineering and for solving various environmental problems before they become environmental disasters.

Studies in Geology and Mineralogy will provide you with extensive knowledge on the subject and useful work methods. Part of your studies will be spent in the field, where you will learn how to observe geological phenomena. A short minor subject for all Geology students is chemistry, but you are also free to tailor your studies with other minor subjects and elective studies. At the Master’s level, you will be able to further specialise in bedrock geology or environmental geochemistry. Geology and Mineralogy can also be studied as a minor subject.


At Åbo Akademi University, geological research is primarily conducted within the areas of bedrock geology and environmental geochemistry. Bedrock geology prioritises research on the Fennoscandian Shield: its formation, evolution and resources. We specialise in magmatic petrology, structural geology, isotope geology and mineralogy. Environmental geochemistry research focuses on how anthropogenic and climate-related geochemical processes in land areas affect watercourses. We identify risk factors and develop strategies and methods for reducing the environmental loading of watercourses and coastal areas of the Baltic Sea.


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