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Peer Support Group

Are you interested in being part of ÅAU’s new peer support group focusing on wellbeing? Are you eager to meet other international expats? Interested in discussing questions related to exercise, work-life balance, stress, sleep and other wellbeing aspects with experts? 

During the fall 2022, ÅAU started a peer support group for international expats. In this small peer support group the students got to meet and network with other international students and take part in workshops on different themes related to wellbeing. The group was facilitated by Jessica Blackburn, who herself is an expat student at ÅAU, and joined by experts on different topics. The workshops were coordinated by the ÅAU projects Fresh Start and Talent Boost and inspired by Mieli Mental Health Finland (the “Toivo Ryhmä” project). The last peer support session finished in December 2022. 


Peer support group


 If you have a question or maybe you would like to get on board in some other way than as a participant, please be in touch: 

Uppdaterad 3.2.2023