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Queering Nordic Indigeneity: Media, Nature, Sexuality

Queering Nordic Indigeneity: Media, Nature, Sexuality




  • Kone Foundation
  • This research project brings together questions around Sámi and sexuality, exploring how contemporary popular cultural imagery on and/or by Sámi people and Sápmi land deal with and mobilize inequalities having to do with indigeneity, colonialism and non-normative sexuality and gender. The research material consists of debates around Sámi and sexuality, examples from contemporary popular culture and the arts, and various forms of indigenous activism in Finland and other Nordic countries in the 2010s. The project combines indigenous studies, studies of visual culture, queer feminist perspectives, and posthumanist methodologies, asking how non-human actors, such as the Sámi dress gákti, Northern nature, cultural imageries, and media technologies intertwine with human actors, such as affect, corporeality, sexuality, indigenous marginalization and empowerment.