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MARmaED – Marine management and ecosystem dynamics under climate change

MARmaED – Marine management and ecosystem dynamics under climate change




  • EU Horizon 2020
  • MARmaED is an Innovative Training Network that unifies specific and complementary competences in marine sciences from Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and France. PhD students in the network investigate how the cumulative stress from biodiversity loss, climate change and harvesting will affect Europe’s complex marine systems and what the consequences are for optimal resource management. MARmaED integrates European education and research in essential disciplines, specifically genetics, ecophysiology, ecology, climatology, physical oceanography, statistics and economics, to achieve new knowledge and improved management of the marine systems. Through targeted secondments in the non-academic sector, MARmaED is an intersectorial project that provides the network’s students with broad training, including opportunities in industry and other non-academic sectors. The MARmaED PhD students at Environmental and Marine Biology, Åbo Akademi University, are: Christina Henseler and Pierre Olivier.

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