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Integrated Energy Solutions to Smart and Green Shipping

Integrated Energy Solutions to Smart and Green Shipping


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  • Digitalization and automation have been transforming the shipping industries. INTENS is an industry-wide joint effort dedicated to advancing and promoting the digital transformation in Finnish marine industries and beyond. By implementing and further developing the Digital Twin approach, it is able to holistically integrate ship energy systems at the component, system, ship and fleet levels, aiming to achieve intelligent and optimal design and operation of ship energy systems throughout their life cycles. Consequently, it can potentially change and disrupt the ways how the marine industries operate currently and pave the way to the future shipping. The INTENS consortium will enable an RDI collaboration platform for efficient information exchange, smooth technology transfer and close technical cooperation within the consortium. Advanced data analytics, system integration and optimization methods are employed to address the marine industries’ major challenges in digital transformation, energy efficiency improvement and emission reduction. Åbo Akademi University will develop methods for ensuring data quality from sensors connected to machinery and devices installed on locations with limited connectivity. The objective is also to be able to compress data without losing information and utilize this data for further processing in the cloud, providing advanced diagnostics features, design and operational optimization.

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