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Design for Value

Design for Value




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  • Digital technologies are transforming the current supply chains and rapidly changing towards ecosystems of fully autonomous system-of-systems. Industry transitions are challenging and in order to succeed in the commercialisation and deployment of these technologies, the current and the future ecosystems and business models must be well understood. Specifically, an ecosystem approach to leverage system value and improved ecosystem services is adopted. In Design for Value project, the Laboratory of Industrial Management looks at the effects of digital onboard sensor technology on marine insurance business sector. Increased onboard awareness is expected to reduce a number of risks related to the “human factor” in navigation (collisions, groundings etc.) and cargo handling and hence potentially translate to lower insurance premiums and revised insurance policies, for instance. On the other hand, the system generated data and logs, that can be used as evidence of surrounding events and conditions, are likely to be warmly welcomed from a liability, marine accident investigation and marine insurance claims handling perspective, too. These attributes combined may give the impetus to revise insurance policies, pricing and entire business models.

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    Magnus Gustafsson


    Laboratoriet för industriell ekonomi

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