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Call for abstracts

Call for abstracts

Sustainable Caring for Health and Wellbeing


Call for abstracts


Deadline for Abstracts is April 01, 2019

For the Conference ”Sustainable Caring for Health and Wellbeing.”OCTOBER 1st, 2019 – OCTOBER 3rd, 2019, Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa, Finland, we urge multiprofessionals to send in abstracts that address the topics under investigation at this conference. It is possible to register for the conference from mid February 2019.

Abstracts should be maximum 300 words and the content should contain information about: authors, background, aim, method, results, conclusion and address implications for change for persons wellbeing and/or caring for different groups.

Response on the peer review of you abstract is expected May 30, 2019.
Registration deadline for abstract submitters is June 15th 2019.

Send to: yvonne.nasman(at) 

Please note,

– if you would like to publish an accepted abstract in a conference booklet:
– if you submit for poster or oral presentation, or both:

All oral presentations in the concurrent sessions is 15 minutes with and additional 5 minutes for questioning. The poster presentations are 5 minutes and 10 minutes for questions.

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