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Displaced talent 12-13.10.2023

Displaced talent 12-13.10.2023

Displaced talent: Multi-stakeholder dialogue (results here)

Åbo Akademi University’s Refugee Entrepreneurship Group hosts a hybrid workshop 12-13.10.2023 in association with Migration Institute Finland and Maria Elo (Adjunct Professor at Åbo Akademi and Associate Professor at University of Southern Denmark) and funded by Åbo Akademi University Foundation.

Displaced talent faces a range of challenges and impediments that may lead to brain waste, unemployment, and underdeveloped economic integration. While Finland suffers from being an aging society and experiences a lack of talents in many sectors, this talent matching paradox is not sustainable economically, socially, or otherwise. We explore ways to employ the full potential of displaced talent and develop capacity.

Together we will collect experiences, best practices, and recommendations for action, asking: What kind of knowledge and experience do we have in Finland that could lead to better capacity building?


12.10.2023 at 9.00-16.00 – Day 1 Sharing and advancing knowledge

We start with a presentation of different on-going research projects and support programs from different disciplines and actors. Finnish research institutions and other stakeholders share their views. Then, we continue with the institutional views on the regulative frameworks that govern displaced talent and its rights to participate as employees or entrepreneurs in Finland. We conclude with a workshop and discussion focusing on the impact of our work and how to improve research impact as change makers of knowledge transfer.

13.10.1012 at 9.00-12.00 – Day 2 Panel with a round table dialogue

We have invited important stakeholders to share their experiences and practices. Turku Business Region, Turku Chamber of Commerce, Migration Institute of Finland, South Ostrobothnia TE-services, Ernst & Young, TALENTS4AA, StartupMigrants, Ashoka Foundation and others join the dialogue. First, participants offer key insights to their programs and best practices after which we continue with a moderated round table discussion.

The workshop is part of Refugee Entrepreneurship Research Group’s seminar series at Åbo Akademi University ( and linked to the COSMO research project funded by Academy of Finland ( It is free for participants.

If you have any further questions, please contact Stefan Lång [; +358 400784771].


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