Upper Secondary School

Upper Secondary School

Welcome to the Upper-Secondary School of Vasa Övningsskola

Vasa Övningsskola is an upper-secondary school situated in the very centre of Vaasa, with 380 students and 30 nationalities. Beside the national upper-secondary school curriculum, we offer Swedish-language study programmes specializing in visual arts and music, as well as the English-language International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The Visual Arts and Music Programmes are part of the national upper-secondary school education.

Vasa Övningsskola is a classless upper-secondary school which offers you a broad all-round education, a good basis for further studies, an individual rate of study, a flexible study programme, continuous supervision in your studies and work in pleasant surroundings. You can build an advanced study programme in subjects that interest you by choosing from the wide range of courses offered.

We stress communication, laboratory work and social skills, which support strong native language proficiency, applicable multilingual proficiency, natural familiarity with technical aids and media, an investigative and problem-solving attitude as well as confident social capacities. Particularly important to us are environmental sustainability and the ambition to be a language-enhancing school.

Together with the Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies at Åbo Akademi University, we are responsible for the Finland-Swedish teacher training. The teacher training schools are development schools of the universities. The university affiliation provides us with an excellent platform to develop our own and the university’s common interests and enables research, experimentation and development projects in connection with upper-secondary school work, pedagogics, growth and development.

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