About Us

About Us

Vasa Övningsskola is maintained by Åbo Akademi University since 1974. Approximately 900 children and adolescents receive their basic and upper-secondary school education at our school. The staff includes about 100 employees. At the English Line (engelska linjen) in grades 1-9, teaching takes place partly in English. The upper-secondary school has special programmes in visual arts and music, as well as an English-language International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, (IB)-line. The school arranges supervised teaching practice for class teachers, special education teachers and subject teachers and is also closely connected to research done at the Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies.

Basic values and task

“Education and instruction at Vasa Övningsskola are based on tolerance and respect for the human being. The students are offered a safe and stimulating learning environment where the all-round individual and social development is considered. The school strengthens the students’ responsibility for their own development of personal knowledge and skills and provides a basis for life-long learning and engagement in favour of sustainable development. As a Finland-Swedish institution, Vasa Övningsskola offers its students the possibility to develop a cultural identity of their own. Cooperation between home and school helps the students learn to take care of themselves and manage daily life. One of the school’s primary tasks is to partake in the Finland-Swedish education of teachers by providing supervised teaching practice at all levels of education. The Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies and Övningsskolan cooperate in planning, implementation and assessment of joint development and research projects as well as further education of teachers, with emphasis on applied pedagogical and didactic perspectives.”

Instructions of Vasa Övningsskola 3.5.2018 § 3)

Updated 11.1.2021