Teacher Students

Teacher Students

The teacher training school offers a safe pedagogical milieu in which the students are supervised and supported in their initial experiences of the teaching profession. Supervisors, teacher students and co-students together discuss various situations that occur during the training period.

One of the most important purposes of the supervision is to arouse an interest in questions such as: How can I develop as a teacher? How can I develop into a reflective practicing teacher?

Welcome to Vasa Övningsskola and the supervised teaching practice!

During your teaching practice at Vasa Övningsskola, you will become acquainted with its school culture and basic values. You will do supervised teaching practice, which is an important element in the teacher training programme. The role of the supervised teaching practice is important in order for theory and practice to be able to interact in the best possible way during your training. At the teacher training school, you will have professional supervisors during your teaching practice. You will receive both individual instruction and instruction in groups. You will reflect on your teaching practice together with your supervisors.

Instruction and education are both part of the teaching profession. To gain an insight into what is included in a teacher’s work, you may take part in everything that happens in the school, such as days devoted to particular themes, events, activities during breaks and student welfare work.

Your time at the teacher training school should reflect the reality you will meet when you go out to work as a graduated teacher.


Coordinators for the teacher training programme

Coordinator for the Class Teacher Training Programme (K) Johanna Räihä-Jungar, Phone: 040 824 5524
Available on agreement

Coordinator for the Subject Teacher Training Programme (Ä) Katrina Domars-Brännkärr Phone: 050 543 944

Updated 3.3.2020