Basic values and school culture

Basic values and school culture

Basic values

Our basic values are built on the Finnish tradition of education, according to which society and culture evolve and renew themselves through education and learning. We strive to develop the student’s knowledge of different values by studying contrasts between officially expressed values and reality.

Our school is a community where people of different language, ideological and religious background can find common values and principles for a good life. We encourage students to care about and take care of each other, and to learn to cooperate. We value creativity, power of initiative, honesty and perseverance. The human and cultural diversity is seen as a richness and a source of creativity. We uphold the cultural heritage and convey and evaluate knowledge of it from a present-day perspective.

The students are urged to reflect over various possibilities, alternatives and unsatisfactory states of things in Finnish society and globally. All work in upper-secondary school is characterized by participation, activity and solidarity. In our teaching, we promote equality, well-being and democracy.

During their time at upper-secondary school, the students form a clear opinion about what values, basic norms and human rights standards underlie the basic human rights and in what ways these rights are supported.

The students gain insight into the significance of their own actions and of the global responsibility for securing a sustainable use of natural resources in order to work against climate change and to preserve biological diversity.

School culture

The school culture is our interpretation and practical implementation of the upper-secondary school educational task. Our school culture permeates everything we do, how we do it and how we treat each other.

Our school culture promotes sustainable well-being and participation and is open to different forms of communication and changes in the world.

The school culture is being developed in collaboration with the entire staff, the students, the parents and the school’s various cooperative partners.

The upper-secondary school of Vasa Övningsskola emphasizes collaboration, participation and respect at every individual encounter.

Updated 3.3.2020