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Prearrival information for admitted students

Now that you have been admitted we know there is a lot to organize, but don´t be nervous! You can use the checklist we put together for you, to keep track of all the arrangements that you have to make. With the checklist, you are already well on your way to Finland and Åbo Akademi University!

  1. Accept the study entitlement by 14 July 2023 at 3:00 pm (Helsinki time) through Studyinfo.fi
    • If you are an international student, please use the secure link in the message sent through Studyinfo.
    • If you have a Finnish ID and Finnish online banking codes go to MyStudyinfo where you’ll also be able to enroll as present for the academic year.
    • If you have been granted a scholarship, accept the scholarship by the given deadline (more information in your admission letter).
  2. Arrange travel insurance and health insurance (for requirements for the residence permit, see https://migri.fi/en/insurance)
  3. Start your residence permit process, if necessary (https://migri.fi/en/i-want-to-come-to-finland)
  4. Apply for housing as soon as possible
  5. Pay the tuition fee either through a bank giro transfer or online in the ÅAU webshop.
    For information on whether youa re liable to pay see “Fee status” in your admission letter.
    For the total sum to pay see the invoice attached to your admission letter.
  6. Enroll as present for the academic year and read about the Student Union Membership benefits here.
    • If you have a Finnish ID and Finnish online banking codes go to MyStudyinfo; you’ll pay the student union fee online before enrolling.
    • If you don’t have a Finnish ID and Finnish online banking codes, please email studinfo@abo.fi.
  7. Read through the pre-arrival information we have gathered on this page (behind the links to your right in this page)
  8. Regularly check the e-mail address you have given in the application for any updates or additional information
  9. Plan your arrival to Turku or Vaasa so that you can arrive for the Orientation week (28 August – 1 September)
  10. Be and keep in touch with your student tutor
    As a new student you will need help you to adjust to your new study and student life and to get to know your way around the campus and the city. Our tutors have experience from their own residence permit process and knowledge on how housing works in Turku and Vaasa. They will also help you get settled in and may help you with practical matters, such as, opening a Finnish bank account, getting registered for courses etc.
  11. Photocopy or scan all your important documents and your passport
  12. When you arrive, also remember to enjoy your time at ÅAU, make new friends and make the most of your time in Finland!


  • Your letter of admission
  • Your passport & residence permit
  • Original certificates and certified translations of the academic qualifications used in the application (for verification)
  • Enough cash to manage the first week

Updated 26.9.2022