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Student life in Finland

Student life in Finland

Student life is not only about studying and spending time in the library and attending lectures. In Finland, student events and activities play an important role in the student experience. The student life is rich and active in both Turku and Vaasa. A fifth of the residents in these cities are students, which also means that there is always something happening.

Student associations

In Finland, student life highly revolves around activities that student unions, associations and organizations arrange. There are a lot of different student associations and organizations in both Turku and Vaasa, where our campuses are located. Student organizations arrange a wide variety of program around the year, such as sports events, movie nights, parties, concerts and skiing trips. It is very popular to volunteer in these associations by for example joining the board, as it is a good way to meet new people, gain valuable experience and working life skills.

Associations in Turku and Vaasa

Within the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University there are about 80 student associations.
You find the complete list of the associations here:

There are also student associations specifically aimed at international students and exchange students:

I really like that there's so much interaction and events and social program around the studies

Yannick Zapfe.

Updated 1.2.2022