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Accepting a study entitlement (degree students)

One place per student-provision

According to the provision, a student may accept only one study place in a degree programme leading to a higher education degree during any one academic term. The purpose is to ensure admission to higher education institutions for as many students as possible. Higher education degrees are Bachelors’ degrees and Masters’ degrees awarded by universities, and Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s, awarded by polytechnics. The provision applies to all degree studies in higher education included in joint applications regardless of how the studies are provided. The provision does not apply to the Police College of Finland and the Åland Polytechnic. Neither can the provision be applied to studies completed in foreign higher education institutions.

The academic term (1 August – 31 December or 1 January – 31 July) is the essential time framework for the implementation: the provision does not prevent acceptance of a place in another degree programme during another different academic term. Although you could postpone the commencement of studies for a year, or interrupt your studies, you would still be unable accept another place for a degree programme starting in the same academic term.

Accepting the study entitlement

The results are delivered to applicants by e-mail. Attached to the acceptance notification letter, applicants will recieve instructions on how to accept the offered study entitlement. Applicants are urged to assure that the acceptance of the study entitlement is done before the closing date. If an applicant fails to do this, the study entitlement offered to him/her will be withdrawn.

  • You must confirm the offer by 11 July 2024 at 3:00 pm (Helsinki time). Please see here, for local time in Finland.

How to accept the offer:

  • You can accept the study entitlement by logging in to the My Studyinfo –service (studyinfo portal) using online banking credentials, mobile certificate, an electronic identity card or using the secure link you were sent via Studyinfo.
  • If you would have any difficulties with accepting the offer online, according to the above-mentioned information, please contact the Admission Team at admission@abo.fi .

The decision to either accept or reject a study entitlement is binding. This means that the study entitlement cannot be changed or cancelled.

If the confirmation has not reached the Admission Team by the given deadline, you will forfeit the right to enroll in the degree programme.


Course of action in special cases

Information in the message and decisions regarding accepting of a study entitlement can be altered only if the applicant has been handed faulty information from the university in question, and acted upon this. In this case we require a written letter regarding the matter to be handed in to the university.

Records used in actualization of the rules

The actualization of the rules are done with the help of records from the joint application and records of applicants and study entitlements. These records are upheld by the Finnish National Board of Education. Applicants have the right to view their personal records. The request has to be in written form.

Applicants or those who have been accepted as students can view their personal records at the university he/she has applied to been accepted to.

If an applicant has applied for several universities or polytechnics, the request to view personal records can be directed to the Finnish National Board of Education. Records can be released to education authorities, Statistics Finland, KELA and organizers of student health services. Authorities in charge of the records can, with the applicants consent, release name and address information for education marketing purposes. Information of how personal records can be used are available on the data commissioners homepages (www.tietosuoja.fi).

Updated 24.4.2024