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Doctoral Networks at Åbo Akademi University

Within the Graduate School at Åbo Akademi University there are several doctoral networks with four-year, funded doctoral positions. Through its posting of funded doctoral positions, Åbo Akademi University intends to make a concrete investment in high-quality doctoral education. In a funded doctoral position, doctoral students can devote themselves to full-time doctoral studies for the entire duration of the prescribed period for their doctoral degree.

Doctoral positions in ÅAU doctoral networks were posted for 2014-2017 and 2016-2020. Some of the networks had a background in national, state-funded doctoral programmes from earlier periods or other network co-operation.

Åbo Akademi University also posted four-year, funded doctoral positions for 2018-2021 and for 2020-2023, with placement in Faculty doctoral programmes.


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Updated 10.2.2022