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Doctoral Network: Materials Research (DNMR)

The Doctoral Network in Materials Research (DNMR) provides a modern and comprehensive education in many aspects of materials science founded on broad expertise within materials physics, materials chemistry and chemical engineering within Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU), as well as strong local, national and international networking. The research focuses on the properties of intelligent materials and (nano) structures; from materials synthesis to processing, from characterisation to s.

The main goal for the DNMR is to establish a broad interdisciplinary research and educational environment in all aspects of materials and nano sciences. In this network, materials chemists, materials physicists and chemical engineers have joined forces to provide a modern, comprehensive and interdisciplinary research environment for the students in the Doctoral Network in Materials Research, providing truly easy access to different laboratories and instrumental facilities.

DNMR director: Professor Ronald Österbacka

Updated 10.2.2022