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Doctoral Network: Informational and Structural Biology (ISB)

Doctoral training in the Informational and Structural Biology Doctoral Network (ISB) focuses on molecular systems within the biosciences. The primary objective has been to train researchers in the study of complex biological phenomena by integrating molecular structural and biophysical data, using computational research methods in bioinformatics and systems biology, and laboratory bioscience investigations made at the molecular and cellular levels. Members also bring expertise in molecular evolution, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences.

ISB is a national network that seeks to train researchers for a doctoral degree. The network has been in operation since 1998. ISB builds on our multiple strengths: an established, working national network; broad expertise; excellent guidance and instructions for students and supervisors; effective and efficient administration; cross-disciplinary training, and cooperation that extends beyond the doctoral programme itself and into long-term research and co-ordinated national and local infrastructures supporting multidisciplinary research.

ISB network director: Professor Mark Johnson

Updated 10.2.2022