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Doctoral Network: Functional Marine Biodiversity (FunMarBio)

The Doctoral Network in Functional Marine Biodiversity is an expansion of the successful international researcher training in marine ecology at Åbo Akademi University. The network is closely linked to key projects and international networks (e.g. the Nordic Centre of Excellence NorMER, the BONUS-projects COCOA and BIO-C3, the EU Horizon 2020 Innovative Training Network MARmaED and the EU Horozon 2020 project MERCES).

The main objective is to provide research education in marine biology and ecology. The network offers high-level researcher education with access to modern infrastructure (field stations, experimental facilities, international exchanges). All doctoral students are integrated in successful research groups and international networks (primarily Nordic, Baltic Sea-region, and European research- and training programmes currently funding our research).

Director/Chair: Professor Erik Bonsdorff

Vice-chair: Professor Kai Lindström

Updated 10.2.2022