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Doctoral Network: Minority Research (MinRes)

The Åbo Akademi Doctoral Training Network for Minority Research (MinRes) is a new network in in the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology. It is based on cooperation between the disciplines psychology, theology (systematic theology and ethics), and religious studies at Åbo Akademi University.

The objective of the doctoral network is to create a much needed cross-disciplinary network for doctoral students to conduct research related specifically to understanding the current nature, conditions, and effects of devaluating attitudes and relations with minorities.

This can include themes such as the current polarisation of values and populist anti-minority speech; institutional, cultural and public models of accepted identities and logics of surveillance; religious and/or ideological frameworks as motivational structures in relating to and understanding minorities; verbal or physical violence against minorities; effects of negative attitudes and violence on e.g. subjective well-being; means to prevent radicalisation and decrease associated violence; and novel alternative public strategies that better foster and guarantee the protection of minorities.

Network Director: Professor Peter Nynäs

Updated 10.2.2022