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Doctoral Network: Psychology and Logopedics (AAPL)

Åbo Akademi Psychology and Logopedics Network (AAPL) brings together two subject areas at Åbo Akademi University: psychology and logopedics. Both of these subjects have full academic programmes from BA and MA levels to PhD.

The other units in the network consist of our local, national, and Nordic partners: the Turku School of Behavioral Sciences, the Turku Brain and Mind Center (TBMC), the national doctoral programmes (DOPSY – psychology; LANGNET – language studies), and the Nordic Network for Research on Psychology and Law (NNPL).

The network aims to create major synergies by offering a broad-ranging doctoral education and by facilitating doctoral students’ contacts with peers and supervisors across the network. Through the local collaborators, our doctoral students have, for example, access to the excellent brain imaging facilities and training in Turku (MRI, EEG, TMS, PET).

AAPL is directed by docent Minna Lehtonen.

Updated 10.2.2022