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Doctoral Network: Citizens and Democracy (PoBe)

The doctoral network Citizens and Democracy – Doctoral Network in Public Opinion and Political Behavior (PoBe) consists of political scientists who conduct research on public opinion and political behavior.

The purpose of the network is to study – and at the same time to train doctoral students to study – the consequences of bringing citizens into the decision-making process. This is done by using a multi-methodological approach. By combining observational and experimental methods in different contexts, our aim is to deepen the scientific understanding of how citizen involvement affects the outcome of decision-making, output satisfaction, and long-term support for the political system.

Supervised doctoral students will have a unique opportunity to be trained in new methods in the best possible way – by participating im the planning and conductung research in practice. Moreover, they will be able to use the data produced in their own research.

The network is hosted at the Social Science Research Institute, and led by the Director of the Institute, Professor Kimmo Grönlund.

Updated 10.2.2022