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During the exchange

Libraries and student facilities

Students do not usually need to purchase course books – these are available at the ASA-library in Åbo and at Tritonia Academic Library in Vasa. The Åbo Akademi University library and Tritonia organize information sessions for exchange students so that they can get the most out of the resources and databases provided.

All academic and social services available to Finnish students are also provided to exchange students. Moreover, the computer facilities are of very high standards, and students have access to several computer rooms at the universities. Exchange students will be provided with usernames for e-mail and computers when registering at the university, and will after registration have immediate access to all computer rooms.

Welcome party

The Welcome Party in Åbo hosted by the Rector of Åbo Akademi University is the official welcome party for all exchange and new international degree students on the Åbo campus.

It is also a welcome home party for those students who have returned to Åbo Akademi University from their exchange studies. An invitation is also extended to international coordinators at the different departments as well as those teachers that teach in English. The party is usually held at the end of September.

In Vasa exchange students are invited to the official opening of the academic year.

Finnish ID code

Every exchange student studying more than three months in Finland must obtain a Finnish personal identity code. You will also need it if you want to use the free of charge student card app Frank (instead of ordering a physical card, which costs). We always invite the Local Register Office in Åbo to come to our campus in the beginning of the semester, but if you can’t attend, please see the instructions below how to reserve a time there by yourself.

Non-EU citizens
When applying the residence permit to Finland you had the possibility to apply for the personal identity code already in advance. If you did not to this, please visit the Local Register Office in order to get the code. Even if you have the personal identity code, you must visit the Register Office to inform them of your address in Finland.

How to reserve a time at the Register Office:
Go to: http://www.maistraatti.fi/en/ > Time Reservation System > Personal law services > Registration of foreigners (Ulkomaalaisten rekisteröinti) > Select office: for Åbo: Lounais-Suomen maistraatti – Turun yksikkö or for Vasa: Länsi-Suomen maistraatti – Vaasan yksikkö; You will now be able to reserve a time.

After receiving the personal identity code, please send the decision scanned by e-mail to exchange@abo.fi from your abo.fi-e-mail or present the decision at Education services so that we can enter the information in the study register.

Updated 16.12.2019