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During the exchange


The first day of the orientation week is the official arrival day when you should register at the University. After the registration, you will receive your username and your certificate of study. Remember to bring your ID and the receipt of the paid student union fee, if you choose to join the student union.

It is common that the exchange student tutors bring their tutor groups to the office at the same time, so check with your tutors first. Note that you should print out any documents that you need signed by us for your home university. If you have electronic documents you can e-mail them to us at exchange@abo.fi.

The Finnish student card 

You can get a Finnish student card once you have paid the student union fee and you have been registered as attending at the University. You can get your electronic student card to your phone from www.frank.fi/. You can also order a plastic student card for an extra fee. By activating the student card, you get cheaper lunches at the student restaurants as well as e.g., cheaper tickets for buses and trains. More information on the student union can be found here: The Student Union and student card.

Before you get your electronic student card via the frank app, you can show your student union payment receipt in all university restaurants to get student prices on lunch. Note that sometimes it takes a day after registration to be able to activate the electronic student card.

ÅAU e-mail account

You will have your own ÅAU email address for the duration of your exchange studies with us. All personnel at the University, including the international office, will use this e-mail address to reach you during your stay here. Please read your e-mail frequently to ensure that you do not miss important information.

If you want to use another e-mail address instead, you should active the forwarding setting for the ÅAU e-mail. This can be done in SelfService.

Libraries and student facilities

Students do not usually need to purchase course books – these are available at the ASA-library in Åbo and at Academill in Vasa. The ÅAU libraries organize information sessions for exchange students so that students can get the most out of the resources and databases provided. Information on how to obtain a library card can be found here. To see the library collections please visit the search portal Alma.

All academic and social services available to Finnish students are also provided to exchange students. Moreover, the computer facilities are of very high standards, and students have access to several computer rooms at the University. Exchange students will be provided with usernames for e-mail and computers when registering at the University, and will after registration have immediate access to all computer rooms.

Accessing Eduroam

You can access our WiFi called Eduroam with your username and password. Many universities use Eduroam, so you can try with your own credentials or use username@abo.fi and your password.

Obtaining a Finnish ID code

Every exchange student studying in Finland must obtain a Finnish personal identity code. A Finnish ID code is a number sequence with 11 characters, formed on the basis of one’s date of birth. The ID code is needed for a variety of things, such as to open a bank account etc. It is also mandatory for our university systems.

Most students with a residence permit should already have a Finnish ID number stated on the residence permit card.

You can only apply for a Finnish ID number after you have registered at ÅAU as an attending exchange student, and received your Letter of Attendance from us. You can apply for the ID number by filling in the online application form, after filling in the application, you need to visit the Digital and population data services (DVV). In both Åbo and Vasa, specific dates are booked for our exchange students to visit the offices of DVV. If you cannot visit DVV during these days, you need to book an appointment and visit them by yourself.

Please inform us as soon as you receive your ID code via e-mail to exchange@abo.fi.

Registration at the Finnish Immigration Services

EU and EEA citizens need to register their right to reside in Finland as a student if they stay in Finland for longer than three months without traveling somewhere outside of Finland. You need to register your right to reside even if you have applied for a Finnish ID code. The registration can be made by filling in the online application form and by attaching all required documents at EnterFinland. When filling in the application you need to select a service point where you need to go to prove your identity. The registration is subject to a fee.

Note that citizens of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) register their right of residence at DVV when applying for a Finnish ID code. Nordic citizens do not need to visit the Finnish Immigration Services (Migri).

Students from non-EU countries should have applied for a residence permit and should have their residency card when they come to Finland. They do not need to visit Migri.

Falling ill during the exchange

EU Citizens

If you are an EU Citizen and you get sick on your exchange and need to visit a health care professional, you will need to book an appointment for this. You will need to show your European Health Insurance Card when visiting the health care professionals in Finland, so please make sure you bring the card with you on your exchange and that it is in date.

The European Health Insurance card entitles you to receive treatment if you fall ill or have an accident. You will also receive treatment if your long-term illness requires it. The card also entitles you to receive treatment related to pregnancy and delivery. You will pay the same amount for your treatment as permanent Finnish residents do.

Students in Åbo should book an appointment with the health care services in Åbo. Students in Vasa should book an appointment with the health care services in Vasa.

Non-EU Citizens

If you are a non-EU Citizen and you need to visit a health care professional, you should contact your health insurance provider that you organized insurance with for your stay in Finland. Your health insurance company will be able to give you more information on what private health care services you should contact in Finland for your needs.

Updated 4.9.2023