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Courses in English for exchange students

The official language of instruction at Åbo Akademi University is Swedish. Exchange students can either study in Swedish or complete a full year of studies in English by choosing among a wide variety of courses offered in English (approximately 250 annually).

Instructions for making a study plan

Course information is always subject to change; therefore, it is important that students have alternatives for flexibility.

  • Pick your faculty (see list on your right) and choose courses from the available list to make your preliminary study plan. The course lists are preliminary and updated as soon as more information is available. Your study plan can be amended at the beginning of your exchange.
  • To read course descriptions, visit the course database and search for your courses. Use the browser’s search funtion to look for specific course numbers or keywords. The course database is updated annually on 1 August.
  • Period 1 and 2 are in the Autumn, 3 and 4 in the Spring. When a course is offered period 1, 2, 3, 4, it usually implies that the course is a self-study course that can be taken anytime.
  • Students are welcome to mix courses from different faculties. Combining courses from both campuses (Åbo and Vasa) is not possible, due to the distance.
  • Erasmus+ students are to remember within what agreement they are applying, and to choose courses accordingly.
  • Students that are proficient in Swedish can see the regular curriculum (updated annually on 1 August).
  • Students will receive feedback on their study plan during the summer, and are encouraged to read their e-mail often as we expect answers within a few days.
Course load
  • A full-time course load for one semester is 30 credits, for an academic year 60 credits. The home institution must approve the study plan (signed appropriately).
  • Incoming students are welcome to use the study plan/learning agreement form of Åbo Akademi University, or use the home university’s equivalent form. Erasmus+ students should use their home universities’ own Erasmus+ learning agreement.

Updated 10.4.2019