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Before the exchange

How to arrive in Åbo/Turku

Please see the pages of the Tourist Information

How to arrive in Vasa/Vaasa

Please see the pages of the Tourist Information


If you have consented to have your e-mail released to a student tutor, your tutor will contact you 3-4 weeks before the arrival day.

If you want your tutor to meet you when you arrive in Åbo or Vasa, you must inform the tutor of your arrival date, as well as the exact time and place of arrival. The tutor can, if s/he has been informed in a timely manner, collect the key to your apartment, before your arrival, provided that the key is available. Please note that keys are normally released on the first working day of a month.

Please observe when planning your trip that the orientation course is compulsory for all exchange students.

Cost of living

Exchange students do not have to pay any tuition fees at Åbo Akademi University. However, students have to pay for their accommodation and living expenses. There are also some initial expenses at the beginning of the stay that students should be prepared for: e.g. the Student Union membership fee, key deposit fee, a fee for the student card, and a starting package fee which will be partially refunded.

Before leaving the home country the student should make sure that he/she has enough funds for the stay through grants, scholarships or private funds. The university does not offer any financial aid to international students and students should not rely on finding a job while in Finland.

Example of a student’s monthly living expenses:
Student Housing
Please note, that private housing options are more expensive.
285-430 Euros
Food 250-300 Euros
Local transportation 35 Euros
Miscellaneous 100-200 Euros
Total 670-965 Euros


Updated 3.4.2019