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At the end of the exchange

What to do before going home?

– Return all library books
– Return starting package (if you have had one)
– Return your HID key (if you have bought one) (The campus sport key does not have to be returned)
– Make sure that you have handed in all course work and wrote your exams. You may order a Transcript of Records when all grades are submitted. Please communicate with your teacher if the grade is not submitted two weeks after handing in final essays or writing the final exam for the course.

– Erasmus+ students: bring your Certificate of attendance or similar (provided by your home university) to Education Services to get it signed. N.B. It can be signed max. 3-5 days before you leave the country; follow the instructions of your home university! Please also make sure that you have all necessary signatures on your learning agreement, and that you have all the changes there as well.

Transcript of records

At the end of the exchange period the exchange student must complete a Transcript Request in order to receive an official transcript of records of the studies completed during the exchange.

Only successfully completed courses are recorded in the student’s transcript of records, i.e. failed courses and courses in progress are not listed in the transcript.

All coursework must be handed in before departure from Åbo Akademi University in order to ensure that all courses will be recorded in the transcript. Courses can only be recorded while the student is registered at the university and teachers are not obliged to assess any late work. The registration for the autumn will be in force until 31 December, and the registration for the spring or the academic year will be in force until 31 July.

It can take between 3-8 weeks to get the transcript depending on when the courses have been completed and how they have been registered. The original transcript is sent in the postal mail to the student’s home address, in addition a scanned copy of the transcript is sent to the student, and to the coordinator named in your application to ÅAU. Coordinators can get a physical copy upon request, please indicate that in the Transcript request form.

If a student needs an additional transcript after having finished the exchange at Åbo Akademi University, a new transcript can be issued but is subject to a fee of 35 euros per transcript. Former exchange students who need additional transcripts can contact Education services to request the transcript.

If you have taken courses at the University of Turku, you should indicate that in the Transcript request. We will order the transcript of records from there, and send it together with your transcript of records from ÅAU.

Unofficial electronic transcripts

If you have an e-mail account at Åbo Akademi University and you are enrolled for the academic year, you can print an unofficial electronic transcript (in Swedish or English) from Peppi (student.abo.fi).

Please note that if you are enrolled only for the autumn, you can access your abo.fi e-mail until 31 January.

Updated 26.5.2020