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Physics – research and personnel

Physics – research and personnel


Physics at Åbo Akademi University focuses on materials research in paper electronics, future solar cells, functional materials interfacing with biological systems, magnetism and material calculations. Research is conducted as both experimental and theoretical method development as well as using calculation methods and various aspects of modelling. The research is boundary-breaking and conducted in close collaboration with closely related sciences, such as Information Technology, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

Some of the researchers work within two research groups, Organic Electronics and Mössbauer Spectroscopy.

Organic electronics

The main focus within the Organic Electronics group is to clarify electro-optical properties of solution-processable disordered semiconductors and to demonstrate novel devices using printing technologies. The group has made fundamental discoveries in the development of ion-modulated organic transistors that can be utilized as biosensors and as active electronic components in e.g. paper electronics.

A long-standing research theme within the group is also the development of extraction current transient techniques for studying charge transport and recombination, as well as optical spectroscopies and modelling used for better understanding of the device physics of thin-film solar cells.

Research Personnel


Nicklas Anttu, Senior University Lecturer
Research profile and publications

  • Nanophotonics
  • Computational electromagnetic optics
  • Optical characterization of materials and devices

Torbjörn Björkman, Senior University Lecturer
Research profile and publications

  • Computational condensed matter theory, with research topics covering a wide range of the uses of, and developments in, density functional theory (DFT) based methods.
  • Problems particularly challenging for DFT such as magnetism, strong correlation physics and van der Waals interaction
  • Materials informatics

Fredrik Lindroos, University Teacher, Doctoral Student
Research profile and publications

  • Valence Mixing and Hyperfine Interactions in Rare-Earth Ferrites (Mössbauer spectroscopy)

Johan Linden, Lecturer, Docent in material and structure physics
Research profile and publications

  •  Mössbauer spectroscopy, Hyperfine interactions, perovskites, superconductors, magnetic systems, solid state physics

Luisa Torsi, Adjunct Professor within Technologies for a Sustainable Future (University of Bari)
Research profile and publications

Ronald Österbacka, Professor, Head of Subject
Research profile and publications

  • Flexible and Printed Large Area Electronics, Paper Electronics
  • Charge transport and recombination in thin film photovoltaic materials and devices
  • Extraction current transient techniques; Modelling

Researchers and doctoral students

Christian Ahläng, Doctoral Student: 2D Drift-Diffusion Simulation of Next Generation Thin Film Solar Cells (Organic Electronics)

Kim Björkström, Doctoral Student (Solutions for Health)

Staffan Dahlström, Doctoral Student: All-solution-processable organic n-i-p solar cells (Organic Electronics)

Amir Ghafrani, Doctoral Student: Bioelectronic activation of cells (Organic Electronics)

Axel Luukkonen, Doctoral Student (Solutions for Health)

Eleonora Macchia, Head of Research: Single molecule detection using mm-sized organic transistor (Organic Electronics)

Mathias Nyman, Postdoctoral Researcher (Organic Electronics)

Markus Pesonen, Doctoral Student, Laboratory Engineer (Organic Electronics)

Reijo Pohjonen, PhD: Mössbauer spectroscopic measurements; analysis of hyperfine parameters

Amit Tewari, Project Researcher (Mössbauer spectroscopy)

Sebastian Wilken, Postdoctoral Researcher: Organic photovoltaics, solar cells, solid state physics (Organic Electronics)

Nora M. Wilson, Doctoral Student: Charge carrier dynamics at interfaces in organic semiconductor blends (Organic Electronics)


Markus Lindberg, Professor emeritus




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Updated 26.9.2022