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Docents at FNT from 1.1.2015

Docents at FNT from 1.1.2015

The Title of Docent can be granted to a person who has a doctoral degree and comprehensive knowledge in his or her own discipline, and has through publications or in other ways shown a capacity for independent research and who also has good pedagogical skills. Since 1.4.2017, the Title of Docent is granted without any time limitation. Before, the titles of docent were normally granted for a period of five years at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Docents at the Faculty of Science and Engineering from 1.1.2015.

Daniel Abankwa Molecular Imaging and Cell Biology
Catharina Alam Diabetes Biology and immunology
Fang Cheng Regeneration and Cancer Biology
Dariusz Dziga Environmental biotechnology
Silvia Gramolelli Cell biology of virus infection
Kaj Karlstedt Neuroscience
Jyrki Kukkonen Cell signaling
Max Lönnfors Biochemistry
Pia Roos-Mattjus Molecular biology
Annika Meinander Molecular genetics
Thomas Nyholm Membrane biochemistry
Johanna Nystedt Cell therapy
Ilkka Paatero Cell and developmental biology
Zorica Svircev Microbiology
Malin Åkerfelt Translational cancer biology
Päivi Östling Biochemical Systems Biology

Molecular Science and Engineering

Zhanna Boeva Bioanalytical electrochemistry
Nikolai DeMartini Inorganic-organic interactions in thermal conversion of wood derived fuels
Filip Ekholm Carbohydrate chemistry and applied NMR-spectroscopy
Patrik Eklund Organic synthesis and natural product chemistry
Sonja Enestam Corrosion and ash behaviour in industrial processes
Markus Engblom Mathematical modeling of thermo-chemical conversion of biomass
Adriana Ferancova Applied electrochemistry
Oskar Karlström Energy conversion of biomass
Yulia Kulkova Design and manufacturing technologies for biomedical implants
Rose-Marie Latonen Spectroelectrochemistry in electroactive materials
Juho Lehmusto Corrosion mechanisms in high-temperature processes
Tom Lindfors Analytical applications of electrically conducting polymers
Zekra Mousavi Electrochemical sensors
Laeticia Petit Glasses for photonics
Ari Rosling Bio-macro-molecular chemistry and biomedical applications
Tiina Saloranta-Simell Applied organic chemistry
Thomas Sandberg Computational chemistry
Jan-Henrik Smått Nanomaterials
Tomasz Sokalski Ion-selective electrodes
Fiseha Tesfaye Metallurgical thermodynamics
Patrik Yrjas Ash Chemistry and Furnace Materials
Maria Zevenhoven Ash forming matter in biomass and waste
Anna Österholm Electroactive polymers for charge storage and electrochromic devices

Natural Materials Technology

Parvez Alam Composite materials and biostructures
Petri Kilpeläinen Biomass chemistry
Risto Korpinen Biomass processing technology
Andrey Pranovich Wood chemistry
Janet Preston Coating and printing chemistry
Jarkko Saarinen Nanotechnology
Pekka Salminen Coating and polymer chemistry

Marie Nordström Marine food web ecology
Christian Pansch-Hattich Marine stress ecology
Tiina Salo Marine ecology
Sonja Salovius-Laurén Marine biodiversity and conservation
Conny Sjöqvist Molecular and evolutionary marine ecology
Martin Snickars Ecology of coastal waters
Anna Törnroos-Remes Functional marine ecology and interdisciplinary environmental studies

Sepinoud Azimi Biomedical data analytics
Jerker Björkqvist Computer engineering, wireless broadcasting
Natalia Díaz Rodriguez Continual learning for autonomous systems
Sébastien Lafond Energy efficient computing systems
Linda Mannila Computer science education
Kristian Nybom Communication technology
Jarkko Paavola Dynamic spectrum use in wireless communications
Luigia Petre Computer Science
Janne-Juhani Roslöf Software engineering education
Jussi Salmi Bioinformatics
Elena Troubitsyna Computer Science, focused on dependable systems
Dragos Truscan Computer Engineering, specialized on model-based software design and testing

Christer Glader Mathematics
Göran Högnäs Applied mathematics
Mikael Kurula Applied mathematics
Andreas Lundell Applied mathematics
Tapio Westerlund Mathematics with engineering applications

Frederick Ahen Pharmaceutical value creation and global health governance
Kuldeep Bansal Polymer based drug delivery technologies
Marina (Mia) Bengtström Industrial pharmaceutical research and pharmacovigilance
Ignat Kulkov Technical innovations in health care
Outi Salo-Ahen Pharmaceutical chemistry and drug design
Niklas Sandler Advanced pharmaceutical technologies
Malena Skogman Pharmaceutical microbiology
Carina Stenfors Drug research
Björn Södergård Social pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics
Pirjo Tajarobi Industrial pharmaceutical technology
Mervi Vasänge Preclinical Industrial Drug Discovery
Tapani Viitala Pharmaceutical Surface Chemistry and Biophysics

Nicklas Anttu Computational nanophotonics
Donald Lupo Printed electronic devices and systems
Eleonora Macchia Organic bioelectronics för biosensing applications
Tapio Mäkelä Manufacturing technologies for printed electronics

Energy Technology

Seppo Niemi Internal combustion engine technology and engine fuels

Industrial Management

Magnus Gustafsson Industrial organisation and Management
Tomi Solakivi Supply chain management, especially sea logistics
Anastasia Tsvetkova Value creation in business ecosystems

Process and Systems Engineering

Jari Böling Modeling and control of dynamic systems
Cataldo De Blasio Process design with environmental engineering applications
Johan Fagerlund CCS/CCU and resource-efficient process engineering
Tom Fredman Heat conduction with industrial applications
Nenad Milosavljevic Drying and energy utilization in the pulp and paper industry
Lei Shao Intensification and decarbonization of iron- and steelmaking processes
Tor-Martin Tveit Technology of energy systems
Joakim Westerlund Process design with applications in production economics

Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering

Atte Aho Catalyst characterization and testing
Ikenna Anugwom Advanced sustainable solvent extraction and valorization of biomass
Kari Eränen Development of experimental methods in industrial chemistry and reaction engineering
Adriana Freites Aguilera Chemical reaction engineering for multiphase systems
Bright Kusema Industrial catalysis
Sébastien Leveneur Chemical process technology, especially new concepts in reaction engineering, modelling of chemical reactors and safety aspects
Matti Reinikainen Scale-up and piloting of catalytic reactions
Vincenzo Russo Kinetics and transport phenomena in chemical reaction engineering
Fredrik Sandelin Modelling of Dynamic Catalytic Systems
Pasi Tolvanen Intensification of chemical processes based on renewable natural resources
Zuzana Vajglová Practical heterogeneous catalysis
Pasi Virtanen Special applications of ionic liquids in chemical systems and processes

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