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Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geology


120 ECTS / 2 years





Apply time

17.3 - 31.3.2021 (deadline 15.00 Helsinki-time)

Master's Programme in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geology

Natural sciences help us to understand the inner and outer workings of our world. Although nature’s laws might place some restrictions on human existence, they also offer a myriad of possibilities for sustainable development, whether in terms of the economy, society or environment. The study of natural sciences will help broaden your perspective, while also providing you with an analytical and scientific approach to thinking. As a natural scientist, you are curious and critical by nature, fascinated by the physical world we live in. Nature’s phenomena and patterns constantly pose new questions for you to find answers to.

You can be admitted to the main subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry without knowledge of Swedish. Knowledge of English is then required. Knowledge of Swedish is required for admittance into the main subject Geology and Mineralogy. The studies consist of advanced courses within your main subject, where both theory and practical applications play important parts. Additionally, optional courses allow you to focus on the themes you find interesting. A close cooperation with the University of Turku allows you an even greater option of studies and courses to choose from. 

Admission requirements

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The application is open 17.3 – 31.3.2021 (deadline 15.00 Helsinki-time)

Study guide for the master's programme in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geology

Student Handbook

Career opportunities

Natural scientists from Åbo Akademi University are highly sought-after by industry and the business sector, the public sector and throughout academia. Researchers, R&D directors and geophysicists are just a few of the titles earned by graduates of our Master’s programme. If you choose a career in research, you can work both in academia or for individual research institutes, while the public sector offers opportunities in administration and education. In industry and the business sector, natural scientists serve in a variety of capacities in manufacturing, energy production, IT, insurance, finance and as entrepreneurs. Students who majored in mathematics, chemistry or physics at Åbo Akademi University can look forward to comfortable salaries and excellent employment prospects in Finland and abroad.

Bonus: Åbo Akademi University’s strong research environment and connections with the business sector offer interesting career opportunities for ambitious natural scientists.

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