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Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Technologies for a Sustainable Future

The research profile Technologies for a Sustainable Future develops new technology that can be used to replace fossil raw materials with renewable resources such as biomass and solar energy. The goals are global and ambitious: to find technical solutions that will slow down the ongoing climate change and to contribute to a clean environment and sustainable society. Our researchers have the capabilities needed to effectively seize these problems.

The research profile Technologies for a Sustainable Future is a framework for developing methods and technical solutions that support and promote the transition towards sustainable production and energy supply. Particular focus is set on finding out how molecules originating from biomass can be utilised to replace raw materials of fossil origin. This is an area in which Finland, with its substantial forest resources and top international companies in the sector, has exceptional capabilities to play a leading role in. Another significant area is the development of new affordable and eco-friendly materials for solar cells. The potential there is enormous: a mere 0.01% of the solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface would be sufficient to cover the energy needs of the whole world.

The strength of the research profile lies in the compelling combination of profound knowledge in natural sciences, chemical engineering as well as process and energy engineering. In the core of the activities within the research profile at Åbo Akademi University are the Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre (PCC) and the Center for Functional Materials (FUNMAT); please find links below.

The research profile Technologies for a Sustainable Future was called Molecular and Process Material Technology during 2015–2020.



Updated 30.1.2023