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Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Chemical engineering and materials technology connected to the advanced utilization of nature-based compounds is one of our internationally recognized areas of research. The approach we take is unique. It crosses boundaries between disciplines to explore the future possibilities in combining advanced process and materials technology starting from the molecular level. The examples range from developing advanced materials and technologies for biomedical research to large scale processing of industrial streams.

Shifting from technologies and products based on fossil sources to novel alternatives built on renewable resources is a huge challenge. The development of refined and sustainable utilizations of resources requires broad fundamental and applied research in materials sciences and chemical engineering. The approach of Technologies for a Sustainable Future is particularly applied to molecules originating from biomass. This is an area in which Finland, with its substantial forest resources and top international companies in the sector, has exceptional capabilities to play a leading role in.

In the core of the activities within the research profile is the Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre (PCC) and Center for Functional Materials (FUNMAT), please find links below.

The research profile Technologies for a Sustainable Future was called Molecular Process and Material Technology during 2015–2020.

Updated 16.10.2020