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Donate to The Sea

Donate to The Sea

Our seas are threatened by climate change, overfishing, overfertilization, toxins and mechanical impact. This threatens our access to goods and services provided by the sea that are central to our wellbeing.

Knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the sea is crucial for a further sustainable use of maritime resources. Åbo Akademi University’s strategic research profile The Sea investigates models for maritime environment, society and economy, to ensure a continued wellbeing in accordance with The United Nations’ goals for a sustainable development.

The strategic research profile The Sea takes the Baltic Sea and the Nordic seas, the Arctic included, as a living lab and takes a cross disciplinary approach to solving problems in connection to the sea and shipping for both man and the environment. New technology is combined with marine-ecological research and insights from the social sciences and humanities to create more sustainable shipping and an advanced environmental governance.

The research carried out by the strategic profile The Sea, is done in collaboration with the University of Turku and also includes authorities, enterprises and partners from the third sector.



You can also make a donation via bank transaction to the following account:

Danske Bank
FI96 8119 9710 0166 03

Please write the name of the donor, your contact details and the donation target (“The Sea”) in the message field.

If your donation is of 850 euros or more, we kindly ask you to fill in a deed of donation.


By donating to the strategic research profile The Sea, you support our researchers’ work in developing new, sustainable solutions for the Baltic Sea.

Help us heal the sea while there still is time!

Updated 2.1.2023