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Help us Heal The Sea – Savitri Jetoo

Help us Heal The Sea – Savitri Jetoo

Åbo Akademi University’s strategic research profile The Sea investigates models for maritime environment, society and economy, to ensure a continued wellbeing in accordance with The United Nations’ goals for a sustainable development.

We asked our researchers how their research contributes to healing our seas.

Fifth out in our English version of the series is Savitri Jetoo, Adjunct Professor (Docent) who also works as a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Political Science, and within the multi-disciplinary profiling area The Sea. In 2019, she was awarded the Baltic Sea Science Day Award.

Savitri Jetoo

Adjunct Professor Savitri Jetoo, could you please describe what you are focusing on in your research?

“My research aims at providing a platform for developing an integrated perspective on resource governance, one that includes water governance and other key resource areas.

I envision that my research will help in building bridges across disciplines and across scales in the Baltic Sea Region, from local, to regional, national and global. Comparing the governance of the Baltic Sea with other areas such as the North American Great Lakes and the Chesapeake Bay can lead to lessons on what works in what context, why it works and what are some of the factors that lead to effective governance.

Some of my work has focused on comparing elements of governance across different water bodies; elements such as innovative governance, capacity, policy coherence, regulatory frameworks and stakeholder engagement. My work comparing the Baltic Sea and the North American Great Lakes has shed light on the ways in which water governance is shaped across these different settings.

Future research topics include theoretical frameworks and methodological improvements capturing the complexity of resource governance systems, stakeholders, institutions and other comparative studies.

I believe that an improved scientific understanding of the complexities of resource governance will strengthen the policy guidelines that are urgently needed for governance reforms to address the ‘wicked’ problems of the future in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.

Like the COVID-19 pandemic, wicked problems such as climate change and eutrophication that challenge the Baltic Sea are characterized by uncertainty, no easy solutions and represent diverse stakeholder interests.”


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