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Use of the donated funds

Use of the donated funds

Åbo Akademi University accepts donations only to carry out its mission under the Universities Act. Åbo Akademi University’s fundraising is regulated by its Instruction on Ethics and Responsible conduct of research. We respect the will of the donors and openly report on the use of the donated funds.

Åbo Akademi University currently has four fundraising targets: the governmental matched funding campaign 2020–2022 and our strategic research profiles The Sea, Minority Research and Technologies for a Sustainable Future.

The capital raised in the matched funding campaign 2020–2022 will be used to support the education and research of Åbo Akademi University in accordance with the Rector’s decisions. Donations of 10,000 euro or more that are allocated to specific fields of education will be used to support the education and research of the field in question.

The matched funding received from the state will be added to the basic capital of Åbo Akademi University. The university invests the capital on a long-term basis and seeks a steady yield. The yield is an important source of income for Åbo Akademi University. In the past, it has for example enabled us to offer our young, promising doctoral candidates longer employment contracts.

Donations allocated to our research profiles support those projects directly.


Earlier fundraising campaigns

In the previous years, Åbo Akademi University has successfully participated in two matched funding programmes by the Finnish state. The latest took place in 2015–2017. More than 700 private individuals, foundations, companies and associations took part in the campaign, which resulted in approximately 12.7 million euro.

The fundraising campaign was organised in connection to the preparations of Åbo Akademi University’s 100th Anniversary. The donations were entered in the ÅAU 100 Anniversary Fund and are being used continuously to support the university’s research and teaching. Thanks to the ÅAU 100 Anniversary Fund, we have already been able to realize several important projects. More information about these is available in Swedish in the campaign report of the ÅAU 100 Anniversary Fund 2015–2017.

The state’s matched funding in the fundraising campaign 2015–2017 was nearly 14.8 million. The matched funding was directed to the basic capital of Åbo Akademi University.

The first fundraising campaign in 2009–2011 raised approximately 13.8 million euro. Together with the state’s matched funding Åbo Akademi University gained approximately 48.3 million euro to its basic capital.

Updated 3.1.2023