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Why donate to Åbo Akademi University?

Why donate to Åbo Akademi University?

Åbo Akademi University is the only multidisciplinary university in Finland with Swedish as official language. We carry out research and education to advance an inclusive and open society, to contribute to solving social challenges and meeting the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

We carry out research and education for the future

Åbo Akademi University has a central status in the Finland-Swedish culture, but our impact reaches far beyond this. Our numerous and natural contacts to the other Nordic countries comprises both students, researchers and the industry. Education at Åbo Akademi University guarantees a wide scientific knowledge, fosters to critical thinking and creates the basis for continuous learning. Our small size gives us unique opportunities for cross-border meetings and interdisciplinary working methods, both in teaching and in research. This can be seen not least in our four strategic research profiles.

Minority Research

We are the only university in Finland that has been specifically established to serve the needs of a minority group, that is, the Swedish-speaking language minority. Subsequently, this purpose has been laid down in legislation. A research profile focusing on minorities is thus both natural and unique at a national level. Today, the research within the multidisciplinary research profile Minority research focuses on minority culture and identity, discrimination, equal rights and democracy, refugeeship and racism. The research highlights important questions for decision-making at home, and contributes at the same time new perspectives to Nordic research within this field.

The Sea

Åbo Akademi University has long maintained a leading role in Baltic Sea research, both in Finland and internationally. The research profile The Sea investigates life in the sea, marine logistics and economy, as well as the administration of the Baltic Sea. The goal is to find scientific solutions for a healthier sea and a modern society that promotes a sustainable usage of the sea and its resources.

Technologies for a sustainable future

The transition from fossil energy resources to renewable alternatives is one of our time’s greatest challenges. Within the research profile Technologies for a sustainable future, the research focuses on the usage of biomass as a raw material for biodegradable chemicals and materials. Chemical engineering and material technology combined with a more advanced usage of natural products is one of Åbo Akademi University’s most acknowledged research domains.

Solutions for Health

The Turku region is a leader in drug development in Finland. In this context, Åbo Akademi University’s research profile Solutions for health has a natural place. The caring science at our Vaasa campus is also a part of the profile. Focus lies on finding innovative solutions to develop a detailed understanding of health and diseases on both molecular, cellular and human level. Our competence in the field will be further strengthened in 2021, when we start educating licensed pharmacists.

Support Åbo Akademi University

By donating to Åbo Akademi University, you contribute to high-quality Swedish-language education and research for all of future Finland. We welcome a dialogue with our friends. Please contact us for more information and in-depth discussions!




Updated 3.1.2023